Disaster Recovery

- because when the worst happens, you need a Plan B

No business wants to think about a time when disaster might befall them. But in today’s highly challenging and competitive business environment, you simply cannot afford to be off-line for any amount of time. The smart money hopes for the best but prepares for the worst so that if that day does come, a controlled plan can be set in motion.

Minimising your downtime
Our suite of dedicated Disaster Recovery offices are configured and networked onto our infrastructure ready for any eventuality. Whatever the time of day, our in-house team, can configure phones and broadband, and have your team sitting at a desk with an operational network within a matter of hours. Centrally located as we are, our offices are easy for people to get to us, both from inside and outside the London area.

Subscription or pay as you go options
For many companies, paying a monthly subscription to ensure permanent space is always available is part of their long-term business planning. However, we are equally happy to accommodate those companies who have an immediate need, just as we did for those companies affected by the Buncefield Oil Terminal explosion in 2005.  Subscription contracts are subject to available space and a minimum contract is applicable.

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